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New Blog, Who This?! Allow me to Introduce Myself


Welcome Babe, To My Little Slice of The Web

Hello darlings! First and foremost I want to take the time out to thank you for making it this far into my blog, and clicking on this post. I appreciate you for browsing my site and actually taking interest in getting to know me a little better, with that being said…..

New blog
I’m Wendelyne Marcellus, also referred to as WendMarc TradeMarc. Born and raised in Miami to Haitian parents. You can say that my background and culture has been highly influential to my life. My mother raised me to always put my best foot forward and to be proud of my heritage, her personal style has always been one to be admired. Growing up I would  host fashion shows for my imaginary friends using my mothers clothes and accessories. I would constantly look at early photos of her and gawk at her sense of style. I guess you can say that’s where my vintage obsession was birthed.

"My mother's sense of style has always influenced me."

From an early age, I have always loved fashion, a passion my mother supported. She would buy me a sewing machine and enroll me to summer programs that enhanced my sewing, modeling, fashion illustration, dance and acting skills. As I entered my teenage years, I would spend my days scrolling through magazines, developing and experimenting with my personal style. By the time college enrollment came I knew I was going to pursue a degree and career in fashion. I had many areas of study I wanted to pursue, from Design, Business, marketing and styling. 

I enrolled and transferred to different fashion schools going as far as California. I finally decided to pursue a degree in Public Relations with a concentration in fashion. In school I learned trend reporting, product development, consumer behavior, fashion marketing,  styling techniques, and writing for public relations. While also interning for top fashion PR companies, and celebrity wardrobe stylists, both in Los Angeles and Miami. Affording me opportunities to style celebrities for red carpet events, commercials, editorials and even assisting with styling Rihanna the style icon of the 21st century. Upon graduation I worked in retail, further enhancing my fashion skills.

Writing has also been a past time favorite of mine, I have always kept a journal full of poems that I have written over the years. Originally this blog was set to launch Circa 2010 when I first moved to Los Angeles. This blog was to chronicle my journey to LA and my life pursuing an education in Fashion. But taking 6 classes and interning did not allow me the time. But 10 years later, my style, career and knowledge has evolved ( and so has my age lol). I am now more than ready to share my life, style and expertise with you darlings.

I hope to inspire you all to develop and explore your personal style, build confidence and self expression through clothing, share beauty tips, lifestyle hacks, and explore new destinations and my hometown, Miami with me.

I also provide personal shopping and wardrobe styling services. These services are perfect for women who are seeking a professional with years of experience and expertise in fashion. Someone who understands styling different body types, color theories and and current trends. I can enhance your entire wardrobe or your look if only for a special occasion, and with any budget I can make you look classic, and stylish. More information coming soon.

Again, thank you for reading this blog post ( I know it was lengthy). Follow me on my social media channels for more of my life and style.



Wendelyne M.


Hey loves, I'm WendMarc : a Trendsetter + Jetsetter. I love vintage fashion, and sharing my perspectives on lifestyle, beauty, fashion + travel. ♥

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