First and foremost, give yourself a round of applause for making it out of that dumpster fire of a year called….2020!! Many people did not make it to this point. Personally I know many many people near and dear to my heart that did not get to see this New year. I have to be completely candid on my own platform and say that, I am still mourning the loss of a beloved soul that departed on Christmas Day. Personally I haven’t had the time to jot down any goals, because truth be told….. I’M JUST TRYING TO SURVIVE. I’m trying to survive financial setbacks, a broken heart, and last but not least COVID. 

I know every year people set goals to be healthier, make more money, find love, start a new career or business, so on and so forth. When 2020 came I was excited to step into the roaring 20’s. I started a new job in my career of choice, had a lot of money saved up, and made plans to buy a new car, and potentially move out. I just knew that 2020 was going to be my year. But when March came, and covid introduced itself, reality hit me that I was not in control, GOD was driving this ship. I had to succumb to his will and let him guide me. As I began to get the news of the people I loved dying around me. I began to realize that what I thought was so important and made me who I was ( money, career, possessions) all of that could be gone, and it was out of my control.

I leaned on my spirituality more ( which is African based, Kemetic and Yoruba). I meditated, prayed, and learned more. I spent more time with my immediate family, as well as calling them often. Periodically I would fast and eat clean. I completely relied on god ( my man and the government lol) for financial stability, while still applying for work, without worrying if I would get a job or not. I also tried to steal moments of joy, while protecting my health.

When I let go and let God, I manifested so much. After years of wanting and trying, I’ve finally found the time to start my blog. Something I have been wanting to do for years. After years of living in a different city and coming home to my parents house, I finally moved out into a beautiful apartment with my boyfriend. Also, I am finally in a space where I am confident in my spiritual belief. It is hard to practice a belief that is not of the Christian faith, when you have family that judge you and society as well. But I am in a space where I no longer care about anyone's judgment of me and my life.

I may not have achieved everything in 2020, but I feel that I now have the tools to help me manifest all that I want in 2021. Of course, if that is what God has aligned for me. Here are a few things that I  would like to achieve in 2021:

I know that many people have different methods on how they achieve their goals. For me my goals need to be SMART:

Specific- Detail what it is you want to achieve and how you plan on doing so. 

Measurable- Your goal should have a timeline of small achievements, that make you aware of your progress, and how much more you to need to go in reaching your goal.

Achievable- Your goal should be something that you can successfully attain.

Realistic- A goal that is achievable within your lifestyle, unless you’re willing to make the ultimate sacrifices. This year my goals are a continuation of plans I have already been working on. It would be completely left field and hard to achieve a goal that just came to my mind, and I want to do it for the sake of doing it, without prior knowledge, resources, and time to achieve that goal.

Time Specific- There should be a definite timeline. Having an end date gives you the motivation to stick to your goal. Although I am not opposed to pushing that date back, to me achieving the goal no matter how long it takes is what’s important.

What personally helped me to manifest in 2020 were:

Visualizing the life I wanted for myself through meditation. In my meditations I would play different Kemetic mantras that focused on either, unity, creativity, the god within, independence, ambition, psychic power, a nurturing nature, and communication. While listening to the different mantras I would visualize myself creating content, driving my new car, moving and decorating my new apartment, building a bond with my family and living the life that I want for myself. I would meditate 30 mins to an hour and a half, focusing on my breathing, and allowing my mind to draw a picture of my everyday tasks in my new life. Meditating allows for the images that you focus on to live within your self consciousness, and manifest itself into reality. I try to meditate often, and have seen such a difference, I will utilize the tool of meditation more in 2021.

I stopped worrying about what people thought of me. Because of that I live more free and I am able to truly do what is best for me and my life, without judgment of others. In 2020 if I were so worried about what others thought, I would not be blogging nor developing my spirituality. Now I can achieve goals without caring for peoples opinions. Take action and do not succumb to fear. Imagine all that we could attain if we did not live in fear. Being completely brave and stepping out on faith, will be the biggest gift to your self! Trust me.

Invest in yourself, allow yourself to be a student in life, soak up knowledge, and surround yourself with people that are on the path you want to follow, learn from them, and build a community with others. Do it because YOU will benefit from it. There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself. It is the best investment you can make; you can never go wrong with it. Last but not least lean on your spirituality, whatever it may be. It will be the foundation you lean on to move forward in your purpose.

I hope you found this post to be helpful. Remember, in order to crush your goals this year, make sure your goals are SMART. Also be sure to use these tools that have helped me:
  • Visualize accomplishing your goals while you meditate
  • Do not give in to judgment from others
  • Take action
  • Do not succumb to fear
  • Lean on your faith
  • Invest in yourself
Incorporate these tools this year and I guarantee you'll be on the path to reaching your goals. Happy New year!


Hey loves, I'm WendMarc : a Trendsetter + Jetsetter. I love vintage fashion, and sharing my perspectives on lifestyle, beauty, fashion + travel. ♥

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