Get to know WendMarc ♥


Wendelyne Marcellus,

but you can call me Wendmarc.

I am a fashion, travel and vintage style enthusiast.

I am also an occasional wardrobe stylist, with a career in Public Relations.

I have always enjoyed creating content, sharing my interests, opinions and hobbies with friends. Thus creating this little space of mine to share with the world wide web. On this blog I will explore different topics relating to fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle and my vintage items I have collected over the years.

I really hope you all enjoy my blog! Feel free to ask questions and leave feedback!



​Bonus Facts:

I am from Miami, FL:  (305!)

I am of Haitian heritage

I love animals

I love to relax

I love mojitos & wine

& the summertime is my season

For inquiries , please contact me via email.