If you are anything like me, then sweetie you love  any excuse to indulge in some self care. Well I’m here to tell you…. babe it’s time for a picnic, and I don’t mean those fancy, overdone, IG aesthetic picnics, where you have all these props, and a charcuterie board that makes Martha Stewart jealous. No hun you deserve to not complicate your life any further. These times are so uncertain, many people are losing their lives to a virus, companies are closing, and do not get me started on that mercury retrograde of an election, the stress was real! It’s as if we unlocked some secret portal to hell. 

"You deserve a break, a moment to escape, and a breath of fresh air."

Before we go any further, you’ll need the perfect outfit for your self care picnic. Looking good will always boosts your mood, and that doesn’t have to be complicated either.

I opted for this baby doll, button down Zara dress, it’s lightweight and breezy. A loose fit that allows for a supreme level of comfort, and might I add a chic and simple dress. I would also consider this a transitional classic, it can be worn in spring and summer with sandals, and now that temperatures are dropping(well not so much down here in Miami) can be paired with a cardigan or leather jacket, stockings and boots.

Now back to why we’re here…Like many others, 2020 hasn’t been so kind to me. I have lost several loved ones close to me due to covid. I have been furloughed since March, and have recently learned that my job will no longer be operating, (which has been a blessing and a curse as I have now decided to pursue my blog and go harder on my personal shopping/ wardrobe styling services.) Financial woes, and other personal tribulations, and on top of that keeping myself cooped up in the house. I decided it was time to head out. (Of course socially distanced and with caution ) It’s been awhile since I have fully enjoyed the outdoors and nature. I typically love to take a walk through my local recreational park with its beautiful walking trails, but that park has been closed now. My next option was to just go to my neighborhood park, take a light stroll and perch under the shade, and just unload and unwind. It’s crucial to get this picnic in before the real lock down begins….WINTER!

why you need a self care picnic

Benefits of a self care picnic:

Beneficial for fresh air:

Spending hours in the house on days end is keeping us safe from covid, while still causing negative effects on our health. We need the vitamin D from the sun to help build our immune system, and fresh oxygen to help optimize our health. Fresh air improves our digestion, lowers blood pressure, and heart rate, as well as provide us with more energy and mental focus.

Connect with nature:

Hearing the birds chirp, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, feeling the breeze, are all sensory pleasures that only immersing in nature can provide. Spending hours looking at a computer, phone or tv screen is not only bad for our vision but our mood as well. There's something about being outdoors that just always brings about good vibes. It even improves your sleep. (And boy has insomnia been kicking my ass!)

Healthy distraction from current events:

2020 has been the year of immense news intake for me. If it's not watching the news on tv, then its reading articles on my phone. While it’s good to stay informed, too much news can make you very anxious and stressed. Sitting under a beautiful tall tree, feeling the grass on your feet, and counting the clouds in the big blue sky, makes all the noise of the world stop, and brings a sense of peace, and that all is well on Earth. You get to be outside and see for yourself that the world hasn't ended. You grew a sense of security when you surround yourself in a calming beautiful environment.

Perfect alone time:

I currently live with my boyfriend, but when the pandemic began I was living at home with my parents. While it is nice to be surrounded by family during a time like this, it can also be overbearing constantly having people in your face. A moment to yourself is always recommended for your sanity. I know for me, if I did not take time for myself while living with my parents, I was liable to pop off. (lol jk)

It's all about location:

Location is very important for your picnic, you want somewhere that is outdoors, but where you’ll have a balance of sun and shade. I’m in Miami, Florida where the sun is brutal year round, so a shaded area for me is a must. A location that is secluded or where you can have a spot distanced from people is important, and some place with beautiful scenery. Also keep the weather in mind, as seasons are changing. If you have to opt for an indoor location, be sure it has a nice view of the outside. These locations listed below are my top choices, but don’t limit yourself to the possibilities:




Local Park



Food to nourish the soul:

Since it’s all about making yourself feel good, keep your options simple, but definitely pack what you like to eat and what brings you comfort, or pack nourishing food items like healthy salads, wraps, and fruits. A bottle of wine never hurt anyone either. But sparkling waters will do just fine too. Remember the point is not to overwhelm yourself , this is a picnic for escaping the day to day, and all about your peace. I opted for no food on my picnic, I ate a hefty breakfast at home, and just needed to stay hydrated, so I packed my Acqua panna water, ( it’s so smooth and tasty).


Typically people picnic with other people, so there are conversations to be had, and games to be played. But for a self care picnic the focus should be on doing nothing at all and just breathing. But if you must, focus on entertaining yourself by doing things that don’t involve social media. I personally opted for magazines and taking a nap. Listed below are some ideas for entertaining yourself:

Your favorite music Guided meditation Read a good book

Fashion magazines or any magazine, (no newspapers will be accepted in this sacred space) A good nap Absolutely No Social media

Self Care Picnic Essentials:

Here are some cute accessories you’ll need to make your picnic spectacular!

Zara is all sold out of this dress. But to shop similar looks, I’ve linked some really cute options below.

I hope soon you’ll consider giving yourself some grace, and enjoy a much need self care picnic. You deserve it hun, and remember you’ll need something cute to wear. Check out the options down below.