Being an avid enthusiast of all things vintage, does not limit my style to just thrifted and vintage items. I often take contemporary styles that are inspired by certain time periods and style them to replicate vintage looks. I recommend people that are afraid to buy thrifted or second hand items to try out designers like Diane Von Furstenberg. DVF is one designer that has timeless, classic pieces that can always bring you back in time. Her bold prints, and feminine silhouettes, always take me to the fun disco era of the 70’s. A period where glamour,  being funky and fierce ruled. DVF is a brand for stylish women in charge.



Although the top I am wearing is from a few seasons ago, when DVF collaborated with the film “On The Basis of Sex”, a 2018 American biographical legal drama film, based on the life and early cases of the late Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who became the second woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court (May she rest in power). 
It still is relevant to this current season. Fall is a time for warm colors like burnt oranges, deep reds, bourbon browns and long sleeves. Being that I am in Miami I can get away with light fabrics like silks. Which many DVF items are made from 100% silk and other organic fabrics. It’s always superior quality over at DVF.
I paired the top with flared denim jeans from fashion nova. Flared jeans will automatically bring you that retro vibe, as flared denim was made popular in the 70’s. As I am curvier and petite, I have found that Fashionnova jeans compliment me well, it fits well on my small waist without gapping in the back, (I detest when a pair of jeans does that, because I do not always wear belts), but has enough stretch to hug around my “assets”. These jeans have a wide flare, and I love that fit because it’s not tight around my thigh, and makes for very comfortable denim, and the length is perfect. I do not need to get these jeans hemmed.
This entire look is a beautiful balance of a high end classic and fast fashion. Lastly for accessories I finish this look off with a white leather vintage 80’s Carla Mancini handbag with a bamboo handle, a classic look that has become 2020’s latest trend. My gold chain belt that I’ve decided to wear as a necklace. ( I’ve had this belt for years and have never worn it as a belt.) I think it adds that 70’s glamour, and of course my blonde hair giving off Farrah Fawcett vibes.


Feeling that’s so 70’s?

I hope this look inspires you to try some vintage inspired styles.