I'll be sharing with you my Top 5 health food spots in Miami and why.

At the top of 2020, I found myself being too busy to cook and meal prep my lunches for work. Often times I would grab a quick bite to eat from a fast food spot, or skip lunch all together. I know that those unhealthy habits needed to change. Thus making a conscious effort, to only get take out from restaurants that only served fresh, and healthy meals.

My top 5 healthy food spots in Miami that I am about to mention, I had been frequenting them through out the years, but not on the regular. Once I decided to make the switch to only eat healthy take out, I had these top 5 in mind and began ordering from them on my lunch breaks.

The change in my mood, skin and weight was very noticeable, and switching between the 5 restaurants never got boring on my palette.  Once the pandemic hit in March of 2020 I cut back on ordering out and started trying out new recipes.

That was a big mistake, my clear skin went to shit, and I had gained so much weight like many others in this pandemic. I was too lazy to prepare my own healthy dishes and started ordering delivery almost everyday. Rotating between these top 5 of mine. I have since cut back to ordering once a week, as I am cooking more now. But I think these restaurants are perfect for anyone coming down to Miami to visit and want a healthy meal during their stay, or for locals who just don’t know about these wonderful spots.

Pura Vida:

They are more than just a restaurant but a lifestyle. They pride themselves on serving fresh, high quality food made from scratch daily. With organic ingredients sourced locally in Florida. With an emphasis on sustainability.

What I enjoy about this place is exactly that. The food is always fresh and all their containers and straws are all made from natural recyclable materials, and the vibe is chic, natural, and great for photo ops.

On the menu you can’t go wrong with any of their smoothies, and my fave items to eat is the Chicken caesar kale salad, or the pesto chicken sandwich, and their salad dressings are so delicious.

Rice House of Kabob

I think my most frequented spot is Rice House of kabob. I know the menu like the back of my hand.This restaurant focuses on modernizing classic Mediterranean recipes, using fresh organic ingredients. I like that they also have a reward program, as I am always eating here.

The menu is broken up by the various proteins, which are, ground sirloin, tenderloins, chicken, falafel, tilapia which they have switched to snapper filet and I'm not mad at it. Then it is categorized by how you can have it, whether in a wrap, as a salad, or as a platter which includes rice, salad and the protein, and you can add hummus or grape leaves, and I looove their baklava. My go to’s are the snapper, tenderloin or sirloin platter, and I always add a scoop of hummus. The best part is the Mediterranean salad on the side, and their dressings!

Miami Squeeze

Built on the concept of a healthy lifestyle being affordable. Miami Squeeze has kept a commitment to the community, to serve healthy food for a fair price, and provide family for free.

Every time I go the staff is always so kind, and the food is always tasty, and of course made fresh. I almost always get the tuna pita, or bombay chicken wrap with curry dressing, and I don't leave without getting a parfait. It's the best Ive ever had. They are also known for their fresh juices and smoothies.

Pretty Healthy

I have to mention that this spot is black and woman owned, and I absolutely love that. I also love that Shay, who is the owner and my high school alumni, (shout out to Miami Springs Golden Hawks!) is located in Miami Gardens a city here in Miami with the highest number of black residents.

I think that Shay is doing such a service to the community, by providing affordable healthy food options. I love that all the menu options are healthy, and PACKED with flavor. I always get the chicken wrap, which has what seems like an unlimited amount of toppings that can be added, along with a salad with tuna, and a load of toppings.

Milk Gone Nuts

Last but surely not least. I had a moment where I was eating here almost twice every week. This spot is not your typical health food spot, they offer all the classics, wraps, salads, smoothie bowls, and sandwiches, but the twist is that they offer desserts like ice cream pops, ice cream sandwiches, and shakes all made from nut based milks.

All food items are made with vegan ingredients, even if your protein of choice is actual meat( which they only offer salmon and tuna). My go to on the menu is their Pita melt with Tuna and soy ginger dressing, and on the side they give this pickled citrus cabbage, man they need to jar it and sell it. The best pita melt ever.

I Hope you all find my top 5 healthy food spots here in Miami appetizing! If you are a local to Miami let me know if any of these spots are also your go to and if not which ones would you add to this list? Also to all my future Miami visitors, will you be trying any of these spots on your next visit?

Not only is it important to watch your nutrient intake, but the health of your mindset is just as important. You can find my last post about how a healthy mindset can help with crushing your 2021  goals here.