Recently my life changed in two ways....

On Nov 9th I welcomed into the world my newborn son. My life has now become a never ending loop of changing diapers, soothing crying baby, feeding, burping, getting no rest, barely anytime for a shower and repeat. With this means also not knowing what to do with my hair.

Lucky for me, prior to giving birth I received the game changer of wigs. LUVME Hair’s headband wig. Not only is it discreet but also versatile.

When you order your wig it comes in a very nice luxurious purple box. Inside the box you will find:

5 Headbands

1 Wig Cap

1 LUVME bedazzled hair pin

An edge comb

Regular Hair Pins


Edge Wraps

An iridescent bag for your accessories

Secure The Wig

Since giving birth, I’ve been so preoccupied with taking care of my son that I do not find time to care for myself. With LUVME Hair’s headband wig all I have to do is put it on. There is no need to glue it. Securing the wig to my head is not complicated. The wig comes with 3 combs on the inside and a built in black headband. Ensuring a nice fit around the head.

I received the 16 inch and Deep wave texture. This wig is low maintenance and does not require a lot of manipulation. All I do is put it on and apply a small amount of mousse. I can also switch out the head bands to match my style.

Versatility Unmatched

What I love most about this unit is that I can style it in various ways. I can wear it down, or half up, or completely up, in a bun, side part, middle part or completely going to the back, low ponytail or high ponytail. The styles are endless.

When I’m running out the door to my son’s doctors appointments, this is the unit I grab. It has made my postpartum journey effortless because I don’t have to worry about my looks, this headband unit has me covered in that department. I feel good and look even better wearing it.

You can use my code: WENDELYNE to get your headband wig. There are also lots of great deals going on now at LUVME Hair.


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