Design District Stroll
Recently I decided to head down to the Design district, which is a high end shopping destination, in the heart of Miami. There are designer stores like, Tom Ford, Givenchy, and during the summer, Off White made the Design district their new home. Singer Pharrell also has his trendy little hotspot of a restaurant, Swan located here too. (I Love their corn corn corn, and cute strawberry cocktail, that they serve in this cute strawberry mug).

On this day, my good friend Brittany invited me out to just walk around and catch up. I wanted to be comfortable, but still kill it, because the Design district is the playground of the stylish, and you never know what celebrity is going to be out shopping( Gotta be ready to run into Beyonce one day lol).

Although my current budget can not afford me Gucci. I find that Zara has great quality, stylish pieces that are still on trend, without being “too trendy.” At this point, with what Zara has been dishing out, I don’t even consider them “fast fashion”. The way this dress is structured at the the chest and sleeve, with the double breasted pockets, and fitted bottom, makes the fashionista in me melt.
I love that the cream color doesn’t break the, “no white after labor day” law, but still neutral enough for fall. I chose to pair this dress with my H&M faux croc sneakers, again a detail that screams luxury, ( but on a budget… ya dig!) and my most fave vintage, white leather Carla Mancini bag, with the bamboo handle detail.